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I can’t believe I pulled off a twelve-hour graveyard shift working as a CA (front-desk assistant at my dorm) this time three years ago! #timehop

Look who got a picture with the San Diego Charger cheerleaders!

It’s over 100 degrees at 6 PM here in Southern California! #HeatWave #Hot #NoRainInSight

It’s 103 degrees in Irvine today, and it’s mid-September!

Looks like my Friday has been made! #SuperSmashBros #Nintendo

Kirby, Pikachu and me at the Play Nintendo Tour! (at Irvine Spectrum)

After a record of 3-1 and making the final 25 (out of 100+ who registered) in a Super Smash Bros Melee tournament, I lost 2-1 in a best-of-three match using my Pikachu…

Playing in my first-ever Super Smash tournament! (at Southern California Pizza)

Enjoying some lemonade at work on #NationalLemonadeDay

I’m ready for tonight’s game, wearing my RGIII jersey, Redskins cap and wristband! #SkinsGear